ECON2020-21: Updates & Score 13/6

Here you will find the most recent updates and scores. Feel free to comment on the results!

13/06/2021: First Results

This tournament started with a bang and a shocker. I think all those who were watching the game Denmark – Finland will have shared the feeling of shock watching Christian Eriksen fall. After a tense 45 minutes it was a relief to hear Eriksen was at least no longer in immediate danger. But only time can tell to what extent Eriksen can fully recover from this. The debate about whether TV stations handled the incident well, and whether UEFA handled the incident appropriately will not cease any time soon. The incident was a shock, but the response of team mates, other players and the audience was heart-warming.

The first match Turkey – Italy was perhaps not super spectacular, but definitely one of the better tournament openings I have seen. The Welsh held the Swiss at bay, at least to my surprise, but good on them! I knew Belgium would be a strong contender for a high place in the tournament. But the seeming ease with which they held off Russia and scored their 3 goals was quite a sight even when it was perhaps “unspectacular”.

And today England entered the tournament as well. A solid goal from Sterling in a relatively uneventful match clearly dominated by England with a Croatia that still needs to find its dangerous and sharp form that we know it is capable of. As I write this Austria is struggling against a enthused and motivated North Macedonia that could very well create a bit of a surprise this Sunday.


If the Austria-North Macedonia game stays as it is now, 3-1 with 2 yellow cards, then this is the current score:

With 26 points “Benjamin Hentschel” is in the lead followed closely by “Franck-Ngolo P” and “Pjanic at the Isco“.

The Average Prediction

So what is the averaged and rounded prediction of these 20 people in the ECON Department? Well, you might enjoy checking in the table below:

As a “committee” we definitely did get Wales-Switzerland 100% correct. So perhaps committee-forecasts do better then individual ones? I will be adding the ECON-MEAN candidate to the list in future updates to see how the “committee-we” would have done.

What’s next?

Well, Netherlands – Ukraine of course. But in the next update I will also give you some insight into the variance in our predictions. Are there games on which we disagreed more than on others? And how united or divided are we on card-forecasts?

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