Talks & Conference papers

I have given, and give, talks about various subjects and topics

  • F.M.C. Witte, STEM graduates: A world of change in the Age of fake-news, Advance HE STEM Conference 2020, STEM Graduates for a changing world, Manchester, January 28/29, 2020;
  • F.M.C Witte, Solar System Economics, 22nd Annual Mars Society convention, Los Angeles, October 18th, 2019;
  • Programme Committee member: Economic and Financial Track – Crypto Valley Conference Zug, 25th June 2019;
  • F.M.C Witte, Difficult to see, the future is, invited talk at the Annual Conference of the Personal Finance Society, London, November 23rd. 2018;
  • F.M.C Witte, Difficult to see, the future is, invited talk at the Annual Conference of the Personal Finance Society, Bolton, November 14th, 2018;
  • C. Spielmann, F.M.C. Witte, Exposing Undergraduate Students to Research Methodology and Critical Thinking, The Sixth Annual AEA Conference on Teaching and Research in Economic Education June 1-3, 2016, Atlanta, USA;
  • F.M.C Witte, Star Wars in the Classroom, UCL Festival of Culture, London, May 24th 2016;
  • F.M.C. Witte, Economic modelling and Complexity, Rethinking Economics Conference London, June 28/29 2014;
  • F.M.C. Witte, Teaching and assessing quantitative economics, Symposium for Early Careers Lecturers and Graduate Teaching Assistants, London, April 2014;
  • F.M.C. Witte, Teaching-informed Research; the micro-economics of teaching and research, World University Forum, Vancouver January 2013;
  • F.M.C. Witte, Podcast appearance on Alex Horn Breaks the news, April 2013;
  • F.M.C. Witte, Statistical Equilibrium markets, ICPS2012, Utrecht, the Netherlands, August 8th -10th 2012;
  • F.M.C. Witte, Econophysics, Seminar talk for the Institute of International Studies & the Department of Economics of Grinnell College, Grinnell, Iowa, USA, April 2012;
  • F.M.C. Witte, Statistical Equilibrium markets, Little London Workshop on Econophysics, London March 13th 2012;
  • F.M.C. Witte, Econophysics, ESF Conference on New Economic Thinking, London February 1st & 2nd, 2011;
  • F.M.C. Witte, Selection Methods in higher Education, VSNU Conference on Selection in Higher Education, Felix Merites, Amsterdam, December 2003;
  • F.M.C. Witte, Student-centered methods in university teaching, Utrecht University, Faculty of Chemistry, “Onderwijsdag Scheikunde” Oktober 2003;
  • F.M.C Witte, TEEP panel member in annual forum of the European Physics Education Network, EUPEN Forum 2003, Upsala, September 2003;
  • F.M.C. Witte, Managing heterogeneity of student backgrounds in courses a multidisciplinary curriculum, Landelijke Dag Studievaardigheden (National Study-skills day), april 2002, Utrecht;
  • F.M.C. Witte, Selection and commitment in Graduate Studies, Onderwijs Meester 10, 14-01-2002, Utrecht, the Netherlands;
  • F.M.C. Witte, panel discussion, Conference on Education of the Social Democratic Party of Germany, 17-03-2000, in Düsseldorf, Germany;
  • F.M.C. Witte, Selection procedures for non-specialised degree-programs, Onderwijs Meester 8, 07-01-2000, Utrecht, Netherlands.
  • F.M.C. Witte, Bildung Neu denken {“Rethinking Curricula”}, Conference of the Evangelische Akademie in Loccum, November 19-21, 1999, Loccum, Germany;
  • F.M.C. Witte, Knowledge and Education , 4th German-Dutch bilateral Conference on the “Knowledge-based Society”, September 10-11, 1999, Duisburg, Germany
  • F.M.C. Witte, On quality-assessment and quality improvement in University Physics education, Onderwijs Meester 4, January 13th 1997, Utrecht, the Netherlands;
  • F.M.C. Witte, Modern physics in the classroom, Woudschoten conference on Physics-education, December 13/14, 1996;
  • F.M.C. Witte, Spin-densities in Pseudo-classical kinetic theory, 5th Thermal Field theory Workshop, Dalian, China, 5-12 August 1995;
  • F.M.C. Witte, Non-equilibrium kinetic field theory, Spring meeting of the Hadronic and Nuclear Physics section of the German Physical Society 14/17-03-1995, Koeln, Germany;
  • F.M.C. Witte, Non-equilibrium kinetic field theory, Workshop Rostock-Heidelberg on Hadronic Physics, 9/12-03-1995, Oberflockenbach, Germany;
  • F.M.C. Witte, Non-equilibrium field theory in the closed timepath formalism, Workshop Rostock-Heidelberg-GSI Darmstadt on Hadronic Physics, 21/23-03-1994
  • F.M.C. Witte, On light pollutionInternational Meteor Conference 1988, Oldenzaal, the Netherlands, March 25-27 1988;

Papers & Publications

Opinion & newspapers:
  • Mathilde Robinet & Frank Witte, Les enseignements de la lutte anti-tabac face à la crise climatiqueLa Tribune 17/12/2019.
  • Swan M, Dos Santos RP, Witte F. Quantum Matter Overview. J. 2022 Jun;5(2):232-54.
  • Swan M, Dos Santos RP, Lebedev M, Witte F. Quantum Computing for the Brain. 2022 May 30.
  • Swan M, Witte F, dos Santos RP. Quantum Information Science. IEEE Internet Computing. 2021 Dec 3;26(1):7-14.
  • Melanie S, Frank W, Dos SR. Quantum Computing: Physics, Blockchains, And Deep Learning Smart Networks. World Scientific; 2020 Mar 20.
  • Melanie S, Jason P, Soichiro T, Frank W, Paolo T, editors. Blockchain Economics: Implications Of Distributed Ledgers-Markets, Communications Networks, And Algorithmic Reality. World Scientific; 2019 Jan 29.
  • F.M.C. Witte, Quantum 2-player gambling and correlated pay-off, Physica Scripta 71 (2), 229 (2005);
  • F.M.C. Witte, Lightlike infinity in CGA models of Spacetime, Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and General 37 (42), 9965 (2004);
  • F.M.C Witte, Book review: “Path Integrals in Quantum Mechanics, Statistics, Polymer Physics and Financial Markets“, Journal of Statistical Physics, 2003 – Springer;
  • F.M.C. Witte, Spin-densities in pseudo-classical kinetic theory, Physical Review A 55 (6), 4093 (1997);
  • F.M.C. Witte, Spin-densities in the classical limit, Thermal Field Theories and Their Applications, pp. 1-472 (1996);

Here I collect references to papers in which I am explicitly acknowledged for discussions.

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