I am a Professor (Teaching) in Economics at UCL (2010-now), was an Associate Professor in Theoretical Physics at Utrecht University (1996-2010) and I am teaching the following courses at University College London:

I am a founding member of the Centre for Teaching and Learning in Economics.

Past teaching:

I have taught the following courses at various institutions in the past:

  • Grinnell College (USA, 2012): Econophysics with Applications.
  • Utrecht University (NL, 1996-2010): Lecture-courses in: Special Relativity (RLT1), Lie Algebras & Representations (NS357), Applications of Lie & Geometric Algebras in Physics (NS439), tutorials in Quantum Field Theory (TP401).
  • University College Utrecht (NL, 1998-2010): Lecture-courses in Classical Physics (SCI122), Classical Electrodynamics (SCI221) and Econophysics (SC224).
  • University of Cambridge, St. John’s College (UK, 2002): supervisions in Principles of Dynamics (Part II), General Relativity (Part II), Complex Analysis (part Ib), Applications of Quantum Mechanics (Part II);
  • University of Heidelberg (DE, 1991-1996): Lectures in Mathematischen Methoden II, Tutorials in Theoretische Physik II (Electromagnetism), Theoretische Physik III (Quantum Mechanics), Theoretusche Physik IV (Statistical Physics) & Seminar Relativistische Quantenmechanik;

I am a fully qualified and certified physics teacher for secondary education in the Netherlands and I have taught secondary school physics & mathematics to A-levels equivalent at:

  • Cals College, Nieuwegein (1996);
  • Dr DeBruyne Lyceum, Utrecht (1997);
  • James Bosswell Instituut, Utrecht (1997);


My current research projects fall into three categories:

  • Applications of physics-inspired methods in computational economics (Econophysics);
  • The Philosophy and Economics of Science;
  • Environmental Economics: environment & economy interactions and climate change;

If you would like to do a project in any of these fields as a BSc or MSc dissertation in Economics, Physics or Mathematics then just get in touch with me via Email.

Current research students:
  • TBA
Past research students:


  • Francesca Rogaczewski (Investigating the economic and judicial challenges of space exploration/colonization / BASc)
  • Tancrede Cornut (Cocaine and deforestation: exploring the environmental and social impacts of coca bush cultivation in South America / BASc)
  • Gosia Majczak ()
  • Szymon Hawryszko
  • Margaret Achieng (Sustainable fisheries in Lake Victoria: a case study in complexity / RA)
  • Nicharee Mekavuthikul (Information propagation through clustered networks, BSc in Economics);
  • Mathilde Robinet (Smoking vs Climate Change: Behavioural analogies, BSc in Arts & Sciences, 2019);
  • Peter Bebbington (Studies in informational price formation, prediction markets, and trading, PhD in Physics);
  • Aiden Patterson (Quantum Game theory, MSc in Economics);
  • Pedro Guimaraes Naso (Economic Growth as a Manifestation of the Second Law of Thermodynamics, MRes in Economics);
  • Ulrich Eberle (Exposures, Markets and Contagion in Financial Networks, MSc in Economics)
  • Alexander Kuehl (Public Good Provision in Quantum Games , MSc in Economics);
  • Majda Ammi (Implementation of quantum strategies in an auction game, MSc in Economics);
  • Manuel Meske (Statistical Equilibrium markets , MSc in Physics);
  • Alex Burgerman (Quantum Ultimatum Game, MSc in Economics);


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