I like stories, just because they are stories, but also because I am rather interested in the way we humans ‘consume’ stories, or use stories as ‘inputs’ into the processes by which we produce our individual and collective identities. So, evidently in such a case my blog should also contain a place for stories, be they fictional, alternative history, personal or others. Below you find a breakdown of the categories you can find on my blog.


Personal Stories

Well, these are in a way the easiest ones. I will share stories I enjoy sharing about myself, events in my life or just encounters and experiences I reflect on. Don’t expect great revelations or confessions here … I am not crazy. But, if it isn’t personal then I will share it in a different category.

Ancestral Stories

I spend some time every week doing a bit of ancestry research. Not because I hope to find the missing link between my family and Charlemagne (Widukind … perhaps) but simply because of the stories those dates and times (seem) to tell. Some of those I will be happy to share here with you. Some of those, may actually speak to our times as well.

Back of the Envelope Stories

Back of the Envelope stories are typically about some current or interesting topic, but one in which we can make some simple calculations, based on some straightforward considerations, to get a better understanding of the topic. So for example, if you are wondering whether the Earth receives enough energy from the Sun to supply us with what we need? Well, let’s do a back of the envelope story!

Fictional Stories

Yup … I do have the intention to also publish here some short, fictional stories, int he coming months. I will keep you posted.

Other Stories

Any stories that I would like to share that do not somehow fit in the above (rather broad) categories, or of which I think they shouldn’t be read in the context of the above categories, I will place here. This includes, for example, the occasional “what if” alternative history speculation, of a narrative version of a mathematical model, or anything else.

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