#CoViD19: A #coronavirus #modelling update

It has been a few days since the Chinese authorities changed their definition of "confirmed case" in describing the #coronavirus outbreak. In a previous post I checked whether my model needed modification, which seemed only minor. Now with a few days more of 'new' data, let's see what we find. Mortality shifts There is a … Continue reading #CoViD19: A #coronavirus #modelling update

Modelling #CoViD19: A #Coronavirus modelling update

In a previous post , 4 days ago, I presented some common-sense modelling of the #Coronavirus #outbreak which was simply an attempt to check the sensibility of the official numbers. I updated that modelling two days ago using the data of two days for some minor adjustments. Now, again two days later, a second update. … Continue reading Modelling #CoViD19: A #Coronavirus modelling update

Modelling the #CoronaVirus outbreak

The #Coronavirus outbreak of 2019/2020 is currently dominating the news cycle. Let's have a look how the official data from the Chinese Ministry of Health compare to three relatively simple models for such a single-centre outbreak and ask ourselves what this tells us. Simple exponentials The simplest view of the outbreak of an infectious virus … Continue reading Modelling the #CoronaVirus outbreak