#CoViD19: A #coronavirus #modelling update

It has been a few days since the Chinese authorities changed their definition of "confirmed case" in describing the #coronavirus outbreak. In a previous post I checked whether my model needed modification, which seemed only minor. Now with a few days more of 'new' data, let's see what we find. Mortality shifts There is a … Continue reading #CoViD19: A #coronavirus #modelling update

Modelling #CoViD19: A #Coronavirus modelling update after case-redefinition

The breaking-news last night was that Chinese authorities decided to redefine what a "confirmed case" was. This lead to an immediate jump in the number of confirmed cases as well as of confirmed deaths. Does this mean that my model laboured over the past few days was ripe for the trash can? Not really! Case … Continue reading Modelling #CoViD19: A #Coronavirus modelling update after case-redefinition

Populist radicalisation & outside disruptors

In this short blog I want to have a look at why social media are so ideal as the battleground for radicalisation and the intervention of outside parties in socio-political processes. In this post I want to discus a modelling exercise I recently did and which I reported with technical details here. But in this … Continue reading Populist radicalisation & outside disruptors