About “My Imaginary Numbers”

My Imaginary Numbers

Frank WitteI am Frank Witte, principal teaching fellow in the Department of Economics of University College London. I work there since 2010. On this site I collect links to my teaching & research interests as well as posts I write about stuff I do, or simply opinions about current, or not so current, matters. My ORCID-record is here. You can follow me on twitter @Alarcos.

The main post-series of this blog that might interest you are:

  • Back of the Envelope: Little calculations without much complexity showing interesting things about our world you can discover on your own;
  • Opinions: Short opinions, long opinions, reasonable ones and unreasonable ones;
  • Stuff I Should Know: things that I write about that I should actually know something about;
  • Don’t Take my Word: things that I write about that probably I don’t know about … so just a warning;
  • Alternative Time Lines: About things that could have happened and what would have happened if they had;
  • Modelling & Simulation: About toying around with tools from physics mathematics and economics;
  • Mellow on Music: About music, instruments and gear;
  • Accents of Ascents: About climbing, rock, ice, routes and gear;

You will find all the latest post sorted chronologically on the News! page.

I am totally into Star Wars, but I write about that on Clone Corridor.

I also write for the blog of the Centre for Teaching and Learning Economics that I am a founding member of.


holds a PhD in Theoretical Physics from the University of Heidelberg (1995), completed an MSc in theoretical Astrophysics (1992) at Utrecht University.ac7841a890e47e8a09b1d8540515c348 For more information on my teaching & research please check out the Teaching & Research tab. I use this site as my official site where you can find links to recent working papers, blog-posts and other stuff I engage with. All the opinions expressed here are my own and none of it falls under the responsibility of University College London.

If you want to comment or respond to anything you see posted here please use the contact form on this site. If you find factual errors then please let me know.


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