Several categories of posts on this blog deal with think I enjoy exploring, either professionally, privately or just out of leisure and fun. Here you will find a listing of the corresponding categories and a brief description of what you can expect there.

Academic Work

This covers thing that are closely associated with my job as a Professor of Economics (Teaching) at University College London. For example, you might find ideas or suggestions here for teaching, marking, assessment, content-ideas in Economics, Physics or Applied Mathematics related to the courses I teach or the research I do.


These contain a wide variety of topics with the commonality that they are all, in a way, opinions. So, movie or TV series reviews? Yup, I have some opinions on the things I watch, and also on things I listen to, things I read, things I do or eat, drink or otherwise enjoy (or not enjoy). Evidently they will also swerve into the political domain now and then.

Random Ruminations

Here I collect posts that come about simply because of things that ‘occurred to me’ that day, comments from a student that triggered an idea, or anything else that I spent some time thinking about that day. Some of these will just be ‘mind-farts’ that I will regret one day and delete, others might turn into topics I revisit regularly. They are all likely to be triggered due to, or in, the context of my work though.

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